Caravin Wanderhome Acropolis13, 1 min from Metro Acropolis Museum

Welcome to Caravin Wanderhome Acropolis13.
The apartment is located at the heart of Athens, in the historic neighborhood of the Acropolis and combines modern design with a highly studied and postmodern vintage aesthetic.

We respected the past and the history of the residence, as it characterized Athenian residences in the 70s .

The whole space is dominated by the modernist mood that blends harmoniously with retro elements.

That’s why we kept the kitchen with the marble sink and the formal cabinets that stood at the time.

No interference was made in the high ceilings of the apartment with the characteristic rosettes.

All over the space, furniture were placed that refer to the Greek urban houses of the time and of course we kept the number brought by the apartment of the five-story apartment building of Veikou 12, in the Acropolis.

The lucky apartment “13”.

Caravin Wanderhome Acropolis13 is inextricably linked to the present and to all technological functions that will make your stay comfortable, pleasant and ecologically friendly.

Caravin Wanderhome is a Smart Home that uses Energy Managment Systems to reduce and manage energy consumption.

Connectivity icludes Wi-Fi , smart sensors, Wi-fi Air Condition Control and Temperature/ Humidity sensor, Smart Water Heater Control and Smart Access Control.

Entire apartment of 78m2 , 2 bedrooms and cozy balcony to enjoy your stay in Athens in comfort and style.

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